Gingerfoot, the edits…sigh…

It’s day four, and it’s 3:27. I really should be done by now. Granted, there’s been plenty of procrastination going on; I’ve updated the entire NBTC website at; all that’s left to do is add the photography back in. I’ve updated my notes at The Expat. I spent yesterday evening following Annabelle Bechamel’s Twitter commentary on Brown/Faber 2. I even attempted to make the random drink she mixed while Jens Pulver got himself guillotined in the first minute of the first fight. (Find the recipe here: –and good luck to you.) I don’t know what the strange simple syrup she just happened to have in her fridge was, but oddly enough I tend to have a couple strange simple syrups in my fridge, too, and I think it’s a pretty safe bet that if you’ve got enough bottles on your sideboard, you can find something to mix with it that’ll taste palatable when you add tonic and an orange twist. I did, and then I had two glasses full of the result, so if there are a few typos on the sites I worked on last night you’ll know why.

Today, I have 77 pages left chock-full of line edits written in blue pencil. The day is half-gone and I haven’t even started.

I kind of think I could start being productive if I ordered a pizza. And maybe if I mixed up another one of those weird drinks.

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