Saturday in Bay Ridge: Cover Art, Knee Surgery, and OMG VanderMeer!

Jacket art’s up for THE BONESHAKER in all its bright red glory! Have a look at Andrea Offermann’s beautiful cover!Boneshaker Cover

The crazy redhead in the middle is Doctor Jake Limberleg, proprietor of Limberleg’s Nostrum Fair and Technological Medicine Show (an event not to be missed once it rolls into town on May 24th of next year and wreaks havoc in a small Missouri town called Arcane). I discovered the cover image had gone up because someone I don’t know contacted me through Goodreads, which was a special kind of exciting, and reminded me that, once again, I’ve failed to update this site in, oh, forever.

Yesterday was a big day here at Milford Command Central, even apart from the cover. Nathan had his first knee surgery: ACL and meniscus repair on the left leg. In three months we get to do the other one. Whoopee! Actually it’s not so bad. He’s got good pain drugs, the brace isn’t really slowing him down all that much, and all I have to do to be a rock star is keep him in strawberry licorice, Skittles, and percocet, every once in a while refill the ice machine that keeps his knee cold, and occasionally change the dvd (we’ve now finished The West Wing and have started 30 Rock).

Meanwhile I have a bottle of whisky I’m pretty excited about cracking into, there’s a UFC tonight (please, Forrest, redeem yourself so I don’t have to cry), and this afternoon at Borders at Columbus Circle Jeff VanderMeer, Jeffrey Ford, and Geoff Manaugh are speaking. Holy city fiction awesomeness! After the event the authors are hitting at a local bar and attendees are invited. I’m going to go and probably totally going to be completely socially awkward and have nothing interesting to say. But I’m going to go anyway and try to have a conversation with one of my favorite authors, maybe mentioning the work I do for the city of Nagspeake if I feel particularly brave, and hope I don’t sound like a kid trying to sit at the grownup table. Then I will come home and watch UFC with my bionic-legged husband and get into that bottle of whisky and obsess about whether or not I said anything stupid (because I am always pretty sure I have said something stupid).

At least, it being a UFC night, I am guaranteed a remote chat with Annabelle Bechamel at Magothy Treats via Twitter. And it’s a beautiful day, so I’m thinking about a run. Plus I found a new Thai restaurant in the neighborhood that makes awesome green curry, and there is that whisky. So, my social anxieties notwithstanding, it promises to be a good day!

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