My Book, for Really and for True, or: The Best Reason I Ever Had for Going to Pieces in Public

When I was in first grade and got picked as Central Elementary School’s “Writer of the Week,” I was pretty sure that, with a little hard work, I would be published before I graduated to middle school. I’m sure I’m not the only one with something like this in his or her past. I’ve wanted to write a book ever since I was little. For a while, in high school and college, I wrote plays instead, and for a while after college I thought I wanted to write movies. Then I did what I’d planned to do in first grade, and I wrote a book.

Today, more than two weeks before I’d prepared myself for it, Nathan and I found it in a bookstore, like…like it belonged there, with the rest of the Real Books.

Here it is, courtesy of Nathan:

Now, The Boneshaker was supposed to come out–let me check my countdown widget–eighteen days from now. So I didn’t have time to figure out what I would say to the very nice woman behind the counter at Word, the first bookstore I found it in. Because…I don’t know why…I wanted to say something. I desperately wanted to say to her, that’s my book and I can’t believe you have it here, faced out and pretty on a shelf for me to find. I wanted to say thank you, I guess, only I was about to cry and not really thinking that clearly about the whole thing so I thought, I can’t say that, that’ll sound dumb…I’ll just ask when it came in. So I went to the desk and started to ask my fake question and I got as far as, “Um, you have…there’s a book…The Boneshaker over there and”–here’s where I started wrinkling up my face and gulping air and the bookseller started to look panicked–“and I wrote it and”–tears started about here–“and it was going to be out way later and when did it…when did…”

But she brightened up as soon as I got out the I wrote it part and said, “That’s your book? That’s so great! Congratulations! Would you sign the copies for us?” Like I hadn’t just about had a meltdown in front of her. Bless her. I wanted to hug her.

So here’s me, signing two copies of The Boneshaker for the first time, at Word in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I don’t have words for what this felt like. And now I have to stop, or I’ll start crying again.


  1. Oooohhh!!! That is so exciting!!! The photos of you signing the copies are so amazing… your book is really, really, really, really completely and totally real!

  2. Dear Kate, thank you for posting about that wonderful day, and showing the pictures too! So exciting to see the book in the book store, and you signing your first copies, congratulations! I just received my first copy in the mail and am so so happy about how it looks! I can’t wait to read it again!

  3. Hi Kate- my mom works with your mom. Upon calling to wish my mom “happy mother’s day” @ work, she said we are looking at Kate’s book! Congrats! I know you have wanted this to happen for a while. And Word is a great home for your book.

  4. Oh, Kate, it made me teary to read this post! Congratulations… from the bottom of my heart! I think we should have BONESHAKER sightings photos posted on FB!

  5. Oh, Kate, it made me teary to read this post! Congratulations… from the bottom of my heart! I think we should have BONESHAKER sightings photos posted on FB!

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