Release Day!!

Never mind that the book’s been in stores for a couple of weeks and I appear to have lost my countdown widget–it’s Release Day! Oboyoboyoboyoboy!!

This weekend was great. Friday The Boneshaker was reviewed by Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing, which would’ve been enough excitement for one week, but then Saturday was the launch party. Steven at Ground Support threw us a great shindig, and I got to celebrate with assorted family and friends old and new, and I received as a gift two paintings by my cousin Mary’s three year old son Jack, one of which is, according to Mary’s labeling, a “Space Ship with Martin in it.” No, that’s not a misspelling; Martin is Jack’s imaginary friend. I am very excited about these paintings. Of course, I spent Sunday snoozing off the effects of the bar after the party (and panicking about the possibility of any faux pas I might’ve committed…but this is how I always spend the day after a night of a little too much drinking). All in all, social anxiety aside, a great launch weekend.

And the fun isn’t over yet! This week is Book Expo America here in New York, so besides participating in the “Speed Dating” event there on Wednesday, I’ll get to hang out with some friends and meet some folks I’ve only talked to online. And probably deal with more social anxiety afterward…or to be more precise, Nathan will have to deal with more of my social anxiety.

Sucks for him, kind of.

Before I sign off (because today is a work day), I would like to take this opportunity to offer a response to Saturday”s Fuse Number Eight post. In the last month I have been fortunate enough to have been reviewed by both Elizabeth Bird and her husband Matt, and (even better than that) have gotten the chance to spend time chatting with them both in person twice–although one of those times was on Saturday, and goodness knows what I sounded like at that point. Matt and Betsy, you guys are class acts and I’m honored to know you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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