Midnight in the Snow

Last night another foot of snow fell on Brooklyn. When I was a kid in Maryland, on a night when it snowed my mom would bundle my sister and brothers up (and my dad, sometimes, too), and we’d walk from our house along Riva Road to the tiny convenience mart that we always called simply “the little store.” There, we’d provision up in the hopes that we’d be snowed in the next day. Even after I moved to New York, I always tried to make it out for a walk on a snowy evening. Last night I decided it was a perfect time to reinvigorate the tradition and take out the new tripod Nathan got me for Christmas. Never mind that it was midnight! Out into the wild!

These, by the way, are color pictures, even though they don’t particularly look like it. And the weird flares are from the wind blowing the snow around. I got kinda obsessed with being able to see the wind like that. And thanks to the four very nice guys out hiking the drifts who somehow didn’t think I was insane and were willing to wander around and let me take pictures of them.


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