THE BROKEN LANDS Contest Update: there’s still time…

A day and a half remain to play! Two entries have been made to the artistic portion of the contest, and they are magical, my friends. If you’d like to visit the artists’ pages, Shannon’s is here and Candi’s is here. Check out the phenomenally creepy hands on both of those! It didn’t occur to me until I saw them that I really do have some kind of thing about frightening hands.







As I mentioned, you can still enter either contest for about another day and a half. We’ll call the contest closed sometime overnight between Saturday and Sunday. I know I said it would be over tonight, but then I realized I’m going to be on Israel time until Sunday morning anyway, so why not just give things an extra day? And for those of you who wish to enter the non-drawing portion of the contest, all you have to do is re-tweet, re-blog, comment, or generally pass the word along. Just make sure I can find your contribution, and you’ll be entered in the drawings. By the way, comments on the artists’ pages count toward this part of the contest, too. Because these kinds of efforts need some major applause.

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