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No, it’s not about pi or the Ides of March, although those are both very exciting. Here it is:

I’m writing a book. No, don’t look so shocked.

The very exciting thing about this book is, it’s a novella about Natalie Minks, and I’m publishing it myself to accompany the release of The Broken Lands this September. It’ll be available in both digital and print editions, but (maybe because I still don’t own an e-reader) it’s the print version I’m most excited about. I’ll be using the Espresso Book Machine at McNally Jackson Books and the talents of an incredibly generous group of people to bring it to life. And I’ll be blogging about the process (God help me) three times a week. That’s a promise, even if it kills me. And it might. Consistent blogging is a…well, a challenge for me.

So when does all this madness and fun begin? Where can you learn more? How, for the love of all things, can you get your hands on this amazing little gem of a book? And why am I doing this now, in the six months before my second book, when logic dictates that I should be enjoying a few months of off-time before flinging myself into publicity for The Broken Lands?

The fun begins on April 2 (just so nobody wonders if it’s a joke). You can keep an eye on the page here at the Clockwork Foundry entitled ADVANCE ARCHIVES OF THE SECRET 2012 PROJECT. If you want to be sure you can get your hands on it, email me [kate (at) clockworkfoundry (dot) com] and ask to be put on the mailing list for the Natalie novella. As for why…that question deserves a post of its own.

Watch this space.


  1. Full disclosure, folks: Pippa knows WAY more about this than you do. So if she says it’s exciting…you maybe should believe her.

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