But Enough About Me. Let’s Talk About Lisa!

I cannot say enough about my critique group. I could try, but I’d fail. Every writer needs one. I couldn’t survive without mine.

So today, I’d like to crow a bit on behalf of one of the people who routinely whips my work into shape, and celebrate her work. Today is the official launch of the cover and trailer for my wonderful friend Lisa Amowitz’s first novel, Breaking Glass, which comes out in July of 2013 from Spencer Hill Press. It’s a YA ghost story with a noir feel to it, but rather than listening to me try and describe it, why not just check out the trailer below? You can also visit her at her blog, or at her author page on Facebook.

I hope you’ll all help me celebrate Lisa’s exciting news. She’s an amazing writer, a brilliant artist, and an all-around super-duper human, and I wish her every success in the world.



  1. Can I ask how you found your crit group? I’ve tried multiple times previously and so far not found anyone I really gel with.

  2. Whoops! Sorry, I totally forgot to reply. I found them through the SCBWI message boards. I posted a notice that I was looking for a group, and they found me.

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