Novellablog: The Final 35 Hours of The Kairos Mechanism on Kickstarter

This is it! The campaign ends Saturday, June 9th, at 10am EST. 35 hours left! Let’s make those hours shine.

As of this evening, The Kairos Mechanism’s Kickstarter campaign has topped $7500, meaning the book will be published and illustrated in one of its editions by 14 young artists who, thanks to the amazing backers who’ve pledged so far, will get a bump in their paychecks. Backers will also get a crossroads story that I wrote for my visit to the fifth graders of Deer Hill School in Cohasset. It’s about the Devil and a character you’ll meet in The Broken Lands, a girl with silver eyes. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Everything that’s raised from here on out will go into the bank for Arcana #2. If we get to $9500 by some outrageous miracle, I’ll post a poll with three options and ask backers to vote on what the next volume will be, and I’ll announce that next title in September at the book launch for The Broken Lands and The Kairos Mechanism.

So, 35 hours to go! Go here. Have a look if you haven’t already, spread the word if you don’t mind.┬áBut no matter what, I am so grateful for all the support, feedback, comments, questions, everything. Thank you so much.

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