Novellablog: A Video Treat for a Special Day: Tom Guyot

Today I came home from seeing the first proofs of The Kairos Mechanism emerge warm out of the Espresso Book Machine to find a of The Broken Lands at my door–the first real-world, hardbound, this-is-what’s-gonna-be-on-the-bookshelves copy I’ve ever seen.┬áIt is beautiful. They both are.

Here’s another really beautiful thing. As many of you know that, in addition to the ebook and paperback editions of The Kairos Mechanism (which, of course, is the companion novella to both The Broken Lands and The Boneshaker), I’m putting together a reader-illustrated edition, with the help of thirteen amazing young artists. This is Natalia Eldering’s contribution to this very special edition. Enjoy!

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