Grab your Harpoons and Your Tarpaulin Hats, and All Hands to the Moby-Dick Marathon!

Remember that time we were talking and you said you had always meant to read Moby-Dick, but really you had never had the time, and if only someone would arrange for you to be able to read it in three days, sort of without stopping except for chowder and sleep you would TOTALLY be in?

Seriously? We’ve had that conversation like five times. And guess what? It’s time! It’s happening this weekend!

This Friday, November 16 through Sunday, November 18, join me and about a hundred and fifty-nine other readers for New York City’s Moby-Dick Marathon! I’m part of the Saturday 11/17 crew of Pequods reading at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. My best estimate is that I’ll be reading around 11am, but Saturday’s reading starts at 10 and features way more exciting people than me. (Example: Sophie Blackall is reading right before I am!)

And, obviously, there will be chowder.

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