Preorder Bluecrowne Here.

This is the place, kids. Preorder your fresh-off-the-press copy of Bluecrowne (plus PDF) here. Payments are processed securely by Gumroad. We expect to ship on or about May 15th, and media rate shipping is included.


4 Responses to Preorder Bluecrowne Here.

  1. Jason Snow says:

    Is this the best way to secure a copy?? Or will you be selling copies at the McNally-Jackson bookstore as well??

  2. KateMilford says:

    Thanks for asking, Jason. McJ will absolutely have it. The differences are 3 (though none of these may matter to you, which is fine). Orders directly through me include the PDF; I include shipping; and my copies will be part of the numbered edition.

  3. Jason Snow says:

    Thanks Kate! I just pre-ordered from you! (But it didn’t ask for my shipping address?? Anything to worry about?) Also – SO EXCITED for this novella. The Kairos Mechanism was a spectacular read! Stumbled upon Boneshaker at Books of Wonder a while back and have been recommending your work to friends and family ever since! Congrats on all of your success!!

  4. KateMilford says:

    Aw, thank you! I hope you’ll love it. And no, don’t worry about the shipping address–I’ll follow up on that myself.

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