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Novellablog, the Toolkit Series: Outbrain, Part Two, in which Kate Gets Schooled in Bloggin’.

In my previous post about Outbrain, I talked about why I chose to use it, how the service I used worked and what the results were. I also mentioned that in my first meeting with Natalie Chan, the Self-Serve marketing manager, I got a bit of a tutorial on being a better blogger. I needed Outbrain because I needed more traffic to my website during the Kickstarter campaign to fund The Kairos Mechanism. But it turns out that nobody goes […]

Novellablog, the Toolkit Series: Outbrain, Part One

Having taken some time to decompress post-Kickstarter, I’m now ready to get moving on a group of posts I’ve been very excited about. In the Toolkit Series, I’ll be talking about some of the services that are making this first volume of the Arcana project possible. This is the first of two posts in which I’ll be talking about Outbrain. One of the challenges I knew I would have was that I’m a haphazard blogger, and at the time I […]

Wherein I Admit to Lacking the Blogging Instinct, and Freak Out About It for a Minute

I totally lack the blogging instinct, and it sort of freaks me out. A couple of days ago I announced that I’m publishing a novella this summer, and part of my strategy is a three-posts-per-week blog series about what I’m doing and why, because I’m treating it a bit like a proof-of-concept project. So I’ve basically committed myself to twelve posts a year from April through September. This is a number real bloggers would shake off as no big deal. […]