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I’ll Be At Grey Dog Cafe Tonight With Party Favors. Where Will You Be?


Right now I’m writing notes and sealing special things into envelopes in preparation for The Kairos Mechanism’s Halfway Happy Hour. If you’re within reach of New York City, won’t you come out and celebrate?

For clarity, the celebration in question is TONIGHT. I may not have mentioned that.

This will be a very low-key celebration. Grey Dog is a cafe, not a bar, so all ages are welcome. Local backers, I hope you’ll come by so I can say thank you in person. If you haven’t become a backer and you’d like to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign while you’re there, awesome! I’ll have a secure computer or, for those who prefer, a snazzy jar, and I’ll have rewards with me. If you aren’t sure whether or not you want to contribute but want to hear more, I will happily talk to you for as long as you like about the project and what I’m up to. If you’d prefer simply to come by and offer good wishes and a hug, that’s fine, too!

A glass of wine will be my treat, but Grey Dog also has food, beer, desserts, coffee, you name it. (I apologize for not being able to treat to everything, but, you know, I’m saving up for this publishing thingy. Tell you all about it later.) And of course, party favors! Rewards!

Can you really think of a better way to spend Wednesday evening? By which I mean, a better way to spend TONIGHT?

Grey Dog Cafe, 244 Mulberry Street, between Spring Street and Prince Street, 5-7pm