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Novellablog: Seven Days Left for The Kairos Mechanism on Kickstarter!

That’s right, one week remains. Seven days, friends, count ’em. If at any point you were thinking you might want to get involved with the glorious insanity that is The Kairos Mechanism and its equally glorious Kickstarter campaign, now’s the time! Here’s the link. What’s in it for you? My endless thanks, plus goodies. There are so many ridiculously exciting rewards, you just won’t believe your eyes. BUT BELIEVE THEM!!

At the time of my writing this, the campaign is sitting pretty at 110% (that’s $7205). Let me remind you why I still need you:

  • At $7500, the fourteen kid artists behind the illustrated digital edition get their paychecks bumped up, and all backers get a brand-new crossroads story, The Devil and the Scavenger, from me as a PDF. In it, you will meet a new character who also turns up in The Broken Lands. Insights into the secret lives of strange folk, just for you!
  • At $9500 I can commit to a paperback edition of Arcana #2 for May 2013, and all backers will be asked to weigh in on what that novella will be. I’ll post a poll with three simple synopses, and I’ll go with whichever gets the most votes. Want a say in what I write next? Get thee to Kickstarter and ante up.
  • At $13000, I can commit to a reader-illustrated edition of Arcana #2.

And, as always, re-tweets, re-blogs, and spreading the word by any means at your disposal are hugely appreciated. On that note, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to some wonderful folks who’ve hosted me on their sites and programs in the last week.

So, here we go! The last week! What will I be up to?

  • On the Novellablog, I’ll be discussing McNally’s self-pub services and Outbrain’s content referral services, two things that have been immensely helpful during this process. I’ll also have a guest post from Kid Editor Mason.
  • I’ll be guest blogging steampunkily at Steamed on June 7th. I’m thinking I’ll talk about E.T.A. Hoffmann, because he’s how I wound up well-and-truly obsessed with automata.
  • I’ll be at BEA! I’ll be lurking rather than doing anything official, but if you see a girl with a bag of holding or a girl taking pictures of a stuffed animal made out of socks and gloves, you’ve probably found me. (Lish McBride can’t make it to BEA, so I am crafting an avatar to escort around in her stead. The things I get myself into on Twitter…) And if you find me…well, I *might* have advance copies of things in the Bag of Holding. Just maybe. So you should come say hi. I will probably be glad to unload an ARC on you.

Evidently this post is all about bullet points.

Seven days! Here we go! Let’s bring it home, kids. And, as always, thank you, thank you, thank you. I would hug each of you and bake you a cake if I could.