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Greenglass House Cover Day Continues With a Visit From Jaime Zollars!

In honor of what I’m just going to go ahead and call Greenglass House Cover Day, I’m delighted to have a guest post from cover artist Jaime Zollars, without whom today would be really not very exciting at all. Thanks for stopping by, Jaime!  Good day to all of you! My name is Jaime Zollars and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be a little part of Kate’s amazing story, Greenglass House. Many of you reading are no doubt […]

Greenglass House Cover Day! Greenglass House Cover Day!

I said Tuesday but evidently I can’t read a calendar! TODAY IS GREENGLASS HOUSE COVER DAY! Go immediately to visit the Book Smugglers. There you will find my beautiful cover and an excerpt from the book, as well as instructions for entering a giveaway for a Greenglass House arc. Later I’ll be joined here at the Clockwork Foundry by Jaime Zollars, the cover artist herself. For all the Greenglass House-related fun you can handle, visit the Nagspeake Board of Tourism […]

Five Days ’til the Greenglass House Final Cover Reveal!

It’s happening this coming Tuesday, September 23rd over at The Book Smugglers! Mark your calendars, friends, because (and I can say this with humility because Lord knows I am not responsible for it) the Greenglass House cover is beautiful. Really fabulously wonderful. I am completely and wildly in love with it. It’s the work of Jaime Zollars, and rather than listening to me talk about how awesome she is, I encourage you to visit her here and see for yourself. Now, […]

Novellablog: Halfway there on the Most Amazing Kickstarter Project Ever*–and it Still Needs You!

It’s May 12, a month after the Kickstarter campaign to fund The Kairos Mechanism started. With 29 days to go and the help of 110 backers and many others who’ve given time, blog space, and moral support, as of noon today, the campaign stands at 88%. (This excludes cash/check contributions made at Wednesday’s Happy Hour, which will be used in June to begin mailing out rewards, since Amazon holds backer contributions for two weeks after the close of the campaign.) Wow, […]

Shoot, I forgot a title…CONTEST WINNERS!!

Well, the weekend is nearly at an end, and I’m shaking off my post-vacation jet-lag to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who participated in this week’s contests in celebration of the beautiful new cover for The Broken Lands, and the nice things that several generous readers have said about it. So without further ado, may I announce your winners: The winners of the art contest are… Okay, I’m sorry, but I warned […]

THE BROKEN LANDS Contest Update: there’s still time…

A day and a half remain to play! Two entries have been made to the artistic portion of the contest, and they are magical, my friends. If you’d like to visit the artists’ pages, Shannon’s is here and Candi’s is here. Check out the phenomenally creepy hands on both of those! It didn’t occur to me until I saw them that I really do have some kind of thing about frightening hands.             As I mentioned, you can […]

The Broken Lands, a First Look: Introducing High Walker

Have fun, kids. Draw me something cool. From The Broken Lands, Chapter One: CHARACTER, CHANCE, AND CHEATING Coney Island, August, 1877 The arrival of the four o’clock train at the terminus of the Prospect Park and Coney Island Railroad line announced itself with a squeal of brakes battling the forward momentum of two hundred tons of iron. The freckled man in the white linen suit scowled as a fine dust fell onto his cuffs. He looked up at the luggage rack, […]

Countdown to THE BROKEN LANDS: the Cover, and a Contest or Two

About a week ago I got to see the final cover of my next book at last. Yes, The Broken Lands jacket art has been finalized, and all I can say is that it’s truly beautiful. Not that I expected anything less for a moment. Andrea Offermann, the amazing artist behind the cover and illustrations of The Boneshaker, returned for this book, and I’m just in love with what she’s done this time. In fact, I’m so in love I […]

Three Happy Things: Postcards, Posters, and a Friend’s ARC. Oh, and Free Stuff!

First, the free stuff, because I know that’s what people really want to know about. The Enchanted Inkpot turns one year old this April, and in honor of this very important anniversary, the Inkpot has put together two very, very cool giveaways this month. The first ends April 14–THAT’S TODAY, PEOPLE!–with a winner announced on the 16th, along with the prizes for the second contest.The best part is this: all you need to do is comment on this post right […]

The Boneshaker: A List of Seriously Cool Stuff that’s in This Book

Velocipedes, patent medicines, phrenology, Winton motorcars, blues, psychotic harlequins, snake oil salesmen, electroshock, automata, an Edgar Allan Poe-quoting fortune-teller, and a contest of skill played at the crossroads against the Devil. You’re wondering now, what is this list of weird, cool stuff? It’s a list–a very partial list, mind you; it isn’t even a complete list–of weird, cool stuff in The Boneshaker. At long last, things are happening. The book comes out in four months, and I’m starting to get […]

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