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Help! I’ll Be Very Embarrassed if I’m the Weak Link at YA for NJ.

Yes, I know this isn’t about me. It’s about raising money for the Community Foodbank of New Jersey. But look:  I want to be useful. And in this context, I am useful if someone (or a few someones) out there in the world are excited enough about getting a signed set of The Boneshaker, The Broken Lands, and The Kairos Mechanism that they’ll whip out their preferred means of online payment and bid like auction-crazed fools. The winner will be donating to a great cause, and will get three books with my scrawl in them, any one of which would make a really attractive doorstop or coaster. Here are some other things you can do with them:

  • The Broken Lands hardcover, with its attractive blue-green spine, can be confidently used to prop open a window.
  • The Kairos Mechanism has just enough give to work beautifully as a fan in the event that the heat in your home or apartment gets a little out of hand this holiday season, or use it to wave smoke away from the fire detector when you forget that last batch of
    cookies in the oven.
  • The Boneshaker is that beautiful shade of red that just looks great and will complement any room’s decor. Use it in December to enhance seasonal red-and-green decorations.
  • Use TBL on the floor to work those calves or stretch out post-run.
  • Use all three together to improve posture.
  • Find one more book and you can weigh down the corners of that antique map from the attic that won’t uncurl for long enough for you to work out the cryptic poem in the corner that miraculously rhymes even after you translate it from the Spanish.

I have worked retail for like fifteen years, people. I can do this all day. They also make pretty good reading. Even Kirkus says so. But seriously–check out YA for NJ. A ridiculous number of very exciting folks have put up some very exciting books and services to thank you for helping out. Bid here on my books, or scroll through the many, many offerings on the table and find the just-right reward for you. But don’t wait too long–the auction ends on December 7th.

Shopping Today? I Have Some Ideas, Only One of Which is Self-Serving.

So it’s one of my twice-weekly bookstore days, and having just deleted eleven emails about Cyber Monday deals, it occurred to me that the world needed one more. Except this isn’t about Cyber Monday, except that I figure lots of you are shopping today and therefore this might be relevant. So without further ado, here’s some bookish shopping food for thought on this lovely Monday morning.

Great Idea #1: Help Victims of Sandy While You Shop. There are lots of ways to do this, but here are three I know of right off the top of my head.

1) Shop our Sandy Relief Table here at McNally Jackson. The magnificent Sarah Gerard and I had a lot of fun putting this table together, and we ordered so many titles they actually overflow onto the regular shelves where you can find tags like the one below here and there. There are books for all ages, some in paperback and some in hardcover. Can’t make it in? I made you a list for convenient interweb shopping. All proceeds from the titles below go to Sandy relief:

2) In six days on November 30th, YA for NJ is starting an amazing auction of young adult books, most of them signed, to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims. Take a minute now to mark it on your calendar, then keep an eye on the event’s Facebook page for more info. See? Not everything has to get done today.

3) I don’t know if you’re as obsessed with Nautical Stuff as I am, but if you are, there are still a few of these gorgeous Sophie Blackall prints available on Etsy. Donate to the Red Cross and get art. Win/win. I can confirm that in real life, they are even more exquisite than this picture suggests.






Great Idea #2: Shop for Bluecrowne! All right, this is my admittedly totally, totally self-serving idea. You should probably shop for Sandy relief instead, but what the heck. Become a backer of Bluecrowne, the second volume of the Arcana Project Series and get cool stuff. Want your stuff signed, personalized, gift wrapped? Let me know and it will be done.

Happy shopping, friends!